The following bans will be issued in the City of Calgary when I am Mayor:

-Factory farms and factory farmed animals

-The sale of non-local (100km radius) animal products

-The sale and use of any derivative of palm trees

-Disposable plastic including cutlery, straws, cups, shopping bags, packaging, etc

-Breeding kennels of any kind

-The sale and use of toxic chemical cleaning products, beauty products, etc.

-The sale and use of chemical pesticides and herbicides

-The sale and use of  chemical fertilizers

-The sale of low efficiency light bulbs

-GMO products

-Products that aren’t fair trade certified

More to possibly follow. If your business currently has any of these, I would highly recommend adapting sooner rather than later. Their will be assistance from the City once I become Mayor.

    Primary         Focus

All initiatives, programs, construction, rental cars, $33k inflatable balls, and anything else similar will be put on pause.

As much attention, energy, time and resources will be spent on taking people off the street and out of shelters, bringing Calgarians out of poverty, curing addictions, addressing mental health, and ending crime. Our timetable to address these issues will be one month for homelessness and poverty, 6 months for crime and addictions, while mental health will be on a case by case basis.

The people of Calgary will always come first when I’m Mayor. Homelessness, poverty and crime will no longer exist in our city.

The solutions page will soon exist for more details on how we will accomplish these objectives.

Post-Poverty      Calgary

Other objectives that I will be concentrating on after everyone with mental health issues has been put on a path of healing and homelessness/poverty has ended within a month of my tenure:

  • Affordable homes starting in the $5k range
  • 100% renewable energy in the greater Calgary area by the end of my 4 year term
  • Bringing an MLB, NBA, MLS, and NFL franchises to our city while keeping our CFL team
  • Hosting the 2026 Winter Olympics and a Summer Olympics in our city
  • Establishing a local agricultural system that provides 100%+ of our city’s needs
  • Turning Calgary into the new Hollywood and Silicon Valley
  • Turning Calgary into a more profitable economy than the rest of Canada combined
  • Education will no longer be mandatory
  • Public education will be free and probably paid

More to follow. The details for most if not all of these will most likely not be released to the public because it isn’t good business practice to do so.

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